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Supported Living Specialist/Supervisor C.V Example Supported Living Specialist/Supervisor Resume Sample

The following is an example of a qualified / professional Supported Living Specialist/Supervisor resume sample(s). These resume examples uses an integration resume layout. The Resume initiates with the applicants qualification profile, outlining key-qualifications for Support job field.

Then, the candidate has an outline of their full work experience (employment history) in sequential order with employment dates on file.

Next is the Educational background, listed in descending order (most recent first). It then moves onto the Professional Background, highlighting skills separated into professional & personal skills.

And lastly, Certifications/Licenses that the candidate it involved with. Then a final part displays any other additional information that the candidate want it to be listed.

Resume Example for Supported Living Specialist/Supervisor

Case Manager

Richmond, IN

• Facilitate investigations, medical and treatment referrals, and ongoing legal proceedings. 
• Works with agencies and service providers to facilitate case coordination and information sharing. 
• Help patients understand their conditions and treatment options. 
• Interpret medical documents. 
• Ensure that patient tests are appropriate and necessary. 
• Coordinate the integration of social services/case management function. 
• Present denial letter. 
• Evaluate patient satisfaction and quality of care provided. 
• Communicate with physicians and develop working relationship. 
• Maintain appropriate cost. 
• Refer cases where patients and/or family would benefit from counseling. 
• Help patient and family make informed decisions. 
• Review treatment goals and resources. 
• Provide education and literature about diagnosis. 
• Participate in the development and implementation of patient care policies and protocols. 
• Promote effective and efficient utilization of clinical resources.

Work Experience

Supported Living Specialist/Supervisor


Richmond, IN

December 2011 to January 2015

United States 
Care for handicap individuals, transport consumers, track funds, do activities for daily living, Maintaining budgeting money CQA’s training staff, building schedules. Managing tracking client’s doctors’ appointments.

Factory worker


Richmond, IN

October 2008 to August 2010

United States 
Assembly line, drill press, heat sealing, sonic welding, packaging compact discs, and building skids


Little Cesar’s Pizza

Richmond, IN

September 2009 to October 2009

United States 
Prepare pizza, clean work area, and work the register


Welch’s Janitorial

Dayton, OH

August 2003 to October 2007

United States 
Supervise staff, commercial cleaning, steam cleaning, waxing floors, shampooing carpets, laying carpet, and securing the building


Admiral Building

Dayton, OH

July 1998 to October 2006

United States 
Commercial cleaning, supervise staff, steam cleaning, waxing floors, shampooing carpets, laying carpet, and securing the building


Associate of Arts

University of Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ

February 2010 to August 2014

Bachelor’s in Bachelor’s degree in organizational security and management.

University of Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ

February 2010 to August 2014

Additional Information

Interpersonal Skills 
Over the course of my schooling, I have gained important skills in effective communication and collaboration. I learned highly effective team-building and team-management skills. I believe my experience both in working as a student in a collaborative set-up as well as a team leader gives me a valuable understanding of work place dynamics and relationships that will contribute substantially to my ability to excel in the present position, working with a wide variety of co-workers and superiors.